Beginner Investors

Investing for Beginners

Let’s review some of the basics of investing, starting with a brief discussion of return and risk, and how these two factors should be the basis for most investment decisions. Next, we’ll talk about risk types that exist when investing in the stock market. In the end i’ll provide you with some suggestions that allow beginners to participate in the stock market while minimizing risk.

Balancing Risk and Reward

Most beginners think about moving their money from safer investments (such as money market accounts), into riskier securities (such as common stocks), because they believe (and rightfully so) the stock market offers them a chance for higher returns on their investment.

Recognizing the relationship between reward and risk is a good sign. There are losers and winners in the stock market every trading day. But the long-term rewards associated with the stock market are higher than safer investments (such as bank accounts). The lesson here is simple: Greater investment rewards do come with greater risks.

Investing Risks

Risks are taken by the people all the time, and most of these are “calculated risks”.  After carefully evaluating a situation, the decision is made based on the assessment of the rewards and risks involved.

This same concept applies to the common stock of companies and the stock market. Generally, there are two types of risks an investor will encounter: individual company risk and market risk.

Market Risk

Every stock market investor is exposed to market risk. This is the large scale risk that the entire market either moves down or up.  These movements may be due to external factors such as international interest rates or political events. There is very little an individual investor can do about market risk.

An industry risk is a refinement of market risk, whereby all companies in a certain industry experience a downturn in their outlook. An individual investor has some control over industry risk because they can steer clear of certain industries especially if the investor is selecting individual stocks. Unfortunately, a second risk comes into play by selecting individual companies: The risk that the company selected will falter.

Individual Stock Risk

The good news here is that there is something investors “can do” about the risk of an individual company. By investing in a number of stocks (generally ten or more companies), this risk can be easily mitigated, as it insulates the total investment from individual company risk by creating a portfolio. So if one of the selected companies underperforms relative to expectations, there is a chance that another company will outperform expectations.

There are two ways to build a stocks collection that can effectively lower an investment’s exposure to individual stock risk. An individual can buy into a stock portfolio that has already been created or create a stock portfolio by himself. Both of these options lowers the overall investment risk by offering diversification.

Creating an Investment Portfolio

Most beginners do not have enough money to efficiently create a stock portfolio. Also, for someone that’s just starting out its not such a good idea to create a portfolio. There is simply too much information to learn before taking such a big step. Instead, beginners may be better served by buying into a stock portfolio assembled by a professional.

Mutual Funds

A more efficient investment approach is buying shares in a mutual fund, which offers investors several significant advantages including:

  • Diversification: a mutual fund is a portfolio of bonds, stocks, and other securities that are sliced thinly and sold to individual investors. It’s possible to buy a slice of a mutual fund, with as little as $1,000.
  • Flexibility: investors can sell and buy fund shares by telephone, over the Internet, or even using the United States Postal Service.
  • Selection: an individual can choose from literally thousands of mutual funds, many tailored to the specific needs of certain investors.
  • Expert Management: most beginners are simply not equipped to forecast future earnings per share or prices of individual companies. A mutual fund pays a professional fund manager to perform this duty.

If an investor wants to enjoy higher returns, they need to take greater risks.  While general economic conditions threaten all holders of common stock, there are some risks that can be controlled.  Mutual funds provide investors with a great introduction to the stock and bond markets, while allowing them to leverage the expertise of the fund manager.

Top Stocks to Buy with your tax refund

Top 5 Stocks to Buy in 2019

In 2018, stocks experienced a very rough ride, but some stocks still have a big chance to shine through the current year. The best stocks to invest in now go beyond the normal growth prospects. While looking for these kinds of investments, I examined five of the best stocks to invest in, all supported by the Street’s top analysts and with huge upside potential.

Cloudera (CLDR)

The Big-Data cruncher stock has upside potential of 50% say the Street’s top analysts! Currently, the stock is trading at $14.51 but analysts see it hitting $19.40 in the coming months. The stock has experienced some volatility in 2019, but it is now in a very promising setup. Indeed, year-to-date, the “Strong Buy” stock has surged 20%.

Jack Andrews (a five-star analyst from Needham), upgraded Cloudera to a “buy” rating at $31.

Easily evident from TipRanks, Cloudera (NYSE:CLDR) has a lot of Street support. Indeed, in the last few months, the Big-Data cruncher has received five buy ratings.

Dave & Buster’s (PLAY)

The hybrid game arcade and restaurant chain stock scored a rebound this year, but more upside is to come. Specifically, analysts expect 26% from the current share price, all the way from $51.00 to $63.67.

Stephen Anderson (Maxim Group’s Senior Vice President and Equity Research Analyst) is slightly more bullish than consensus; he believes the stock can soar to $64. Even though PLAY has experienced some short-term sales volatility, the Maxim Group’s Senior Vice President says that valuation remains very compelling.

In the last three months, Dave & Buster’s has received an impressive eight consecutive buy ratings. As a result, PLAY has a ‘Strong Buy’ analyst consensus. Out of these ratings, five come from best-performing analysts.

CBS Corp (CBS)

The media stock can climb nearly 31% in the next 12 months, say top analysts. This would see the stock trading at nearly $65 versus the current share price near $50.

A few months ago, David Miller (Imperial Capital) reiterated his “buy” rating. This was followed by a very bullish $76 price target. David expressed positivity in the outlook following strong fundamentals from “positive initiatives” put in place by the CBS former CEO.

Meanwhile, out of 14 recent ratings on CBS Corporation (NYSE:CBS), nine are buys. This means that in the last few months only five analysts have published hold ratings on the stock.

Sinclair Broadcast (SBGI)

Sinclair Broadcast Group is one of the U.S.’s largest and most diversified television station operators. After a rough 2018, top analysts see strong upside potential ahead for SBGI stock.

Previously, SBGI was named by Benchmark Capital as one of its Best Ideas for 1H18. Daniel Kurnos (Five-star Benchmark analyst), is eyeing $39 as a potential price target, a double-digit gain from its current perch of $34.96.

Sinclair has multiple upcoming catalysts over the next six months according to Kurnos. This includes the pending mega-deal between Tribune and Sinclair. The telecommunications conglomerate is currently waiting for regulatory approval for the $3.9 billion takeover that would give it control of 233 TV stations.

Top analysts are united in their bullish take on Sinclair. In the last three months, four analysts have published buy ratings on this strong buy stock.

Laureate Education (LAUR)

The largest network of for-profit higher education institutions, Laureate Education owns and operates over 200 programs, on campus and online, in over 29 countries. Analysts believe impressive upside is on the way. Currently, this is still a relatively cheap stock to buy at just $14.72.

Previously, Shlomo Rosenbaum (Stifel Nicolaus analyst) notes that Chile’s election result is a “material positive” for Laureate. He says Sebastian Pinera (the new President) is less likely to support legislation for free post-secondary education (the prospect of which has dampened prices to date). Shlomo currently has a $19 price target on the stock.

Overall, LAUR certainly has the Street’s seal of approval. The stock has scored three top analyst buy ratings recently. This includes a bullish call from one of TipRanks’ Top 20 analysts for 2017, BMO Capital’s Jeffrey Silber.

The power is in the pages

Reading is one of the primary keys and secrets of success. It opens up a whole new world and develops the mind of the reader. It is even said that readers are leaders. This is why children and students alike are constantly being encouraged to read both fiction and nonfiction works. Reading books would expose you to a gold mine of veritable information which you wouldn’t have known ordinarily. It keeps your mind sharp and hones whatever skills you possess.

Most writers learned how to write by reading books written by other people. Entrepreneurs become successful by reading and learning about business tactics. Even students learn by reading.

The Benefits of Reading

Of what use and importance is reading? Here is how reading can beneficial and powerful:

  1. It boosts the imagination: Reading books, essays or articles can greatly boost the imagination of the reader. It helps you to develop your imaginative ability and create and enter a world of your own imagination. Your imagination is a mighty weapon. Most children get their imaginative abilities by reading or seeing colorful storybooks and pictures. For example, if you are reading a book about mythical creatures and the medieval times, you would find yourself imagining a world filled with fiery dragons and castles with walls made of stones.
  2. It improves your memory and mental health: Daily reading helps you to achieve mental health. How does this happen? Reading is a form of mental exercise. When you read books daily, you are exercising your brain and putting it to work. This boosts your mental health and well-being.

In the same vein, reading books daily would also improve your memory. You would find out that you remember details and information from the books you read easily and can readily analyze them when you need to.

  1. It increases focus and concentration: Reading involves a huge amount of concentration and focus. If you are reading a book or an article, you would not understand the message being passed across unless you focus. Constant reading would enhance your ability to focus and concentrate. Think of it as practice. When you regularly practice something, you’d eventually become good at it. Similarly, when you read, you practice focus and concentration and with time, you’d get better at focusing and concentrating on important things.
  2. It serves as a source of stress relief: Several things can serve as stress agents and cause tension for you. It could be work, family issues, quarrels or anything of the sort. You can escape from all that by picking up something to read. When you read, you are lost in a whole new world and you can get away from all the tensions of real life. Reading relaxes the nerves and brain, thereby relieving you of stress.
  3. It expands your knowledge and communication skills: Reading is a way of learning new things and gathering new information. Reading teaches you new things and you gain knowledge from it. It prevents you from being ignorant and gives you all the important facts. When you read, you do not just expand your knowledge of things and events, you equally learn how to communicate ideas and feelings. Books are simply a compilation of ideas which are communicated to the readers. Thus, when you read, you learn how to communicate your own ideas.
  4. It boosts your intelligence and literacy: Most intelligent people and geniuses are avid readers. Constant reading sharpens and stimulates your cognitive abilities. It helps you to boost your intelligence levels. It also enhances your literacy skills. This is why children are taught to read as part of their literacy curriculum. When you read, you expand both your active and passive vocabularies. You would come across and learn new words you haven’t heard of before and improve your speaking, reading and writing skills.

Reading is a very powerful tool. In addition to all the benefits listed above, it is also beneficial for self-development and empowerment.

How reading is important for self-development and empowerment.

Self-development or empowerment is the process whereby you acquire knowledge or learn some skills and attach an economic value to the knowledge or skills. It involves setting goals and making the necessary changes or adjustments in order to achieve the set goals. The theory of personal or self-development and empowerment is hinged on the basis that every human being needs to improve and add value to themselves. To achieve self-development or empowerment, you need to take a couple of actions. Reading is one of them. Reading takes you some steps further in life. Without reading, you remain in one spot in life. You would have no opportunity to learn new things or get tips on how to develop and empower yourself. One aspect of self-development or empowerment is the mental aspect. Reading develops your mind. You become intelligent and well-versed.

One attaches value to himself or herself by gaining knowledge. As stated earlier, reading expands your scope of knowledge. You have to read constantly and regularly in order to gather as much information as you can. When you have a firm knowledge of things or facts, you are already well on your way to developing and empowering yourself.

The learning and acquisition of skills are not just limited to practicals. You equally have to read and educate yourself in order to learn more about whatever skills you are trying to acquire. If you are a writer, you can develop your skills by reading books written by other writers. Let’s assume that you are a seamstress. If you want to add more value to your skills and line of work, you have to read. Read the stories of other seamstresses who are in the limelight. Read different books about sewing. Read about new and unique trends in the fashion industry. Gather as much knowledge as you can and direct it to your skills. In no time at all, you would stand out amongst others in your industry.

Constant reading has the power to completely transform your life. It makes you a different person entirely and you can be successful just by reading and applying the knowledge in real life. Most successful people attribute their success to reading. An example is Elon Musk, who is the CEO of Tesla and Space X. In an interview, when he was asked how he learned how to build rockets and became so good at it, his simple answer was: “I read books”.

Mark Zuckerberg also emphasized the importance of reading as he admitted that reading gave him a whole new perspective of different topics.

Oprah Winfrey equally attributes her success and transition from poverty to riches to reading books.

If you want to attain new heights of development and empowerment, you need to read because reading is what makes you unique and different from the others.

Top Paying Affiliate Programs

So you have decided that you want to become an affiliate marketer and have done all the research, seen all the cool Youtube videos boasting screen shots of their huge commision checks and lavious lifestyles. Now your pumped and ready to go. Well let me tell you that this is not a one click and done kind of business. You will have to put in some hard work up front to reap the lasting rewards of affiliate marketing, but it has been done over and over by thousands of people just like you in their spare time. Some even have quit their day jobs to do this still with part time hours and enjoy traveling the world in style and comfort. They have became Passive Wealth Warriors and you can too!


Below are some of the top Paying affiliate programs that you should sign up for to earn Great commisions on for promoting to your audience. These networks and companies each have their differences and upsides but never the less you should use their leverage to your advantage and start your affiliate marketing business today, be on you way to the Passive Wealth Warrior lifestyle!

  1. Shopify– Hands down in my opion and opinion of many successful entrepreneurs the leader and dominator of the E-commerce world. Shopify is a E-commerce platform where any average person with no skills or limited skills can sign up and sell literally anything using the drop shipping platfrom. Shopify has many amazing features within their platform that allow the users to scale and automate their business and develop a virtual passive income stream. If you have not started an E-commerce store by now you have no clue what your missing. You can even blog on Shopify and sell products relative to your niche blogging topic!

Now  as an affiliate just like any other affiliate program your goal is to have individuals interested in shopify as a business to sign up. Shopify is such an amazing company and for the relative low cost with the right targeting on your behalf the conversan rates can be very benifical. Up to 1 in 6 in highly targeted audiences. They have one of the best affiliate commisions today for service based affiliate programs, due to the fact that once people sign up and enjoy selling their products and making great money they tend to stay. That is more passive income in your pocket!

With shopify affiliate program you can earn up to 200% commisions based on the subscription your referral signs up for!  You can earn up to $2000 per referral! If this doesnt get you pumped up, I dont know what will.

Start promoting shopify Today

2. ClickFunnels– Hands down one of my personal favorite affiliate programs on the planet. Let me tell you why. It is fun! Simply that reason alone keeps me a click funnels customer. The sheer volume of content and resources they make available to their affiliates is unbelievable. Russel Brunson and the ClickFunnels team have dominated the this space and show no signs of slowing up anytime soon.

ClickFunnels is a all inclusive platform that allows you or any business the ability to create custom sales funnels, email marketing, sales copy, landing pages, leadpages, and so much more all in one place for one monthly price at a value no one can beat! Every business, blogger, startup should have an ClickFunnels account there are even millionaire kids thanks to the ease of the ClickFunnels platfrom. Russell takes a personal approach and has an upbeat motivating persona about him that drives you to success, regardless of where your skill level starts at. They have a 14 day free trial and most people make money in that 14 days which can cover the cost of your next month! ClickFunnels is a must for Affiliate Marketers.  Go sign up for your 14 day free trial!

As an affiliate marketer for ClickFunnels there are so many numerous options for commisions everything from $7 commisions to  $1987 and even your dream car! Russell Brunson on behalf of ClickFunnels will give you up to $1000 a month for the purchase or lease of your dream car! How many companies do you work for do that? None!

ClickFunnels and there variety of affiliate products to promote are almost overwhelming yet it gives you plenty of choices and opportnity to figure out what works for you and your target audience. They have free training and webinar classes available. They right the ads for you, create the banners, sales copy everything. All you have to do is put it in your funnel and run traffic to it and get paid!! Sign up to become a ClickFunnels account here thru my link for a Free 14 Day Trial and challenge yourself to make money before 14 days is up. If you dont pause or cancel your subscription and pay nothing you have nothing to loose here. You will love ClickFunnels.


If you want to Join the Affiliate Bootcamp sign up here. It is a 100 day challenge. Russell claims if you follow his step by step process for 100 days you will be able to retire! He has helped 100’s of people do this! Why not you!



The print on demand space has exploded in the last 3 years and millionaires have seemed to be created over the weekend. PRINTFUL gives is users the ability to do just that with great product options. PRINTFUL is an online printing and fullfilment all in one place! They offer you the ability to print on products such as posters, t-shirts, coffee cups and more from one easy location, your computer!! You can even connect it to your shopify store and automate your fulifillment!


For setting up new customers to become clients of PRINTFUL you can earn 10% of their fulilment price! They will even pay you up to 9 months commisions per customer!

Sign up to start making money with PRINTFUL here!


4. This company sells premium domains to business owners that will be vital to brand awareness, traffic and sales.  Every online business must have a Domain, so having a catchy and effective domain is very crucial to the success of online business. This is good for you as an affiliate because it is a high demand product eveyone online must have. To sign up for the affiliate program you will need to join the Impact Radius network. Currently they are offering commisions up to $175 per sale and a 45 day cookie. This means even if it takes someone 45 days to purchase through your link you still receive the commisions! Let your link work for your audience needing a Domain here. Join the Impact Radius Network.

5.  Amazon Associates- Everyone knows who and what Amazon is and does. They sell millions of products to billions of customers all over the world and they are dominating the online marketplace. This is a very wealthy opportunity for you as an associate or affiliate for Amazon. While their commision structures are not the biggest they can add up over time and rather quickly if you have done the research and promote the latest products to the right audience. For example, when hooverboards first hit the market place they were very expensive but that did not stop the marketplace for demanding them a simple link to the best hooverboard on amazon ran on facebook provided millions in affiliate commisions. Same example of the fidget spinner explosion.


With products in every category and everyone that visits is prepared to purchase you have great odds in your favor as an affiiate for such a great company that offers one click purchasing, automatic upsells, and PRIME! You can start a product review blog, a Youtube channel, or just talk about them live on Facebook. Sign up to become an Amazon Associate today!

6. WP Engine-  WP engine provides hosting services for literally 100 of thousands of WordPress websites. Every website needs hosting, for people looking to use the ease of the WordPress plaform, they will want to host with WP Engine most likely. This Affiliate program pays very well for this space; you can receive up to $200 or 100%  of your referrals first payment. They step out here and even allow you to become what is called a subaffiliate and earn when those people sign up other users!


7. Maxbounty- I personally use Maxbounty as one of my affiliate network platforms. They are fairly new to the arena in retrospec for the affiliate marketing space, but they have proven to be innovative and that they are here to stay. They have a large variety of programs, products and services in all areas dieting, health and fitness, debt relief, business opportunities and more.


There is something you can promote to everyone on one platform. They have some tools that will help you out as a beginner as well. They provide default default landing pages and some content for your use. The sign up is fairly painless, although you will have to speak over the phone or skype with your assigned affiliate manager to become accepted, but don’t let this stop you. Sign up for a Maxbounty Affiliate account today here for free and start earning great affiilate commisions on thousands of great produts.


8. Click Bank- Is very popular affiliate network widely used by beginner and professsional affiliate marketers. They team up with very popular companies and well known brand that need more traffic to there products or services. That is where you come in as an affiliate. They have products ranging from health and beauty all the way to vacation and digital services. The digital products are often being needed more than others pay greater commisions up to 75 % on Click Bank’s network. You can join ClickBank today and start earning Commsions to develop your passive income stream!

9. National Debt Relief_ This company is a Better Business Bureau accredited Buisiness that offers debt consolidation services to anyone that has $10,000 of unsecured credit card debt or more, that lives in a qualifing state. They pay in 2 different ways, the first is you will get paid for every qualified lead you send them. Pay out for a qualified lead is $27.50. The second is $41 for every qualified phone call. Just think about it if you could send 100 qualified people to National Debt Relief you would make $2750! That would motivate me to promote. Sign up here .


10. Six Figure Mentor- Is a plaform that allows entreprenuers the opportunity and access to products and services of learning the affiliate business model. They have partnered up leading course creators and e-learning platforms to mentor to their members and provide world class and extensive mentorship online. As an affiliate for Six Figure Mentor you have sales funnels, automated follow up and retargeting campaigns, custom tracking software and sales reporting abilities all at your disposal.  Six Fire Mentor has help 1,000 of individuals just like yourself earn 6 figure passive income through their membership program, while results may vary on many different things you too can do this. They have a simple commision plan; $20 paid on on Introductory sales and $200 on Essential Sales. They also pay $20/month on active membership subscriptions.  Head over and check out the Six Figure Mentor program.


This should get you kicked off on your journey as an affiliate marketer on some of the best affiliate marketing networks available today. To become a super affiliate you must learn the proper techniques and strategies to draw the right traffic and audience to your offers. Once you develop these skills, review you analyitics or data you can scale for massive profits. Some of these commisions mentioned here may not sound like much one at a time but when you think of the overall customer base and wealth of people on the internet they can really add up quickly with the right stragety or sales funnel.

I would advocate Signing up for a ClickFunnels account as you begin because no matter what product or network you join all of them can be promoted through sales funnel from ClickFunnels. They have all the resources and tool available in one place for beginners with built in affiliate products you can sell today with no money or experience up front, that cant be beat. Sign up here using my link for a free 14 day free trial and start earning your Passive Wealth Warrior Income!

Here is a Free webinar link for ClickFunnels So you Can See how amazing it really is!


Passive Income 101

Passive income. What is it and what does it mean?

So in basic terms, a passive income is a regular flow of money made through minimal effort.

Sounds like a dream, but what exactly does it entail?

Passive income comes in a variety of different forms, and suit a variety of different people, but most passive incomes are not designed to be long-term, and lots of scams are dressed up as passive incomes.

A passive income can ensure a steady but usually is small and not intended to be a soul source. They also vary in terms of the effort put into them. Sometimes there is no effort required and sometimes there is a fair amount.

When entering a situation that offers a passive income, it’s important to weigh up the benefits against the impact it will have on your daily life.

Now, we will begin discussing the types of passive income and what each one means and whether there are any famous examples of it.

The first example is E-commerce. E-commerce is the sale of online goods. It can be through hundreds of different means, but the most popular items to be sold through this are books and music.

This also extends into selling anything online. Selling items you make in your home, selling items from around your home etc, all count towards a passive income. It’s an easy to become a part of, but as it involves creating something to sell, you need both talent and time or excessive belongings to make anything of substance.

Another popular form of passive income is called ‘drop shipping’, which is famous for things companies like Avon. Drop shipping is when a company sells products that they don’t have. They take orders from customers and then buy the products. Along the way, a profit it made, but there are risks involved in such a premise, as well as time and energy. While it is popular, it does not suit everybody.

Private labelling is another passive income option, and it involves selling your own product under another companies brand. It increases the chance of sale when the customer is familiar with the brand, but again, such a business involves having a product to sell.

Retail Arbitrage is similar to the above, in that you sell products online that you have bought for cheap elsewhere. It’s taking advantage of the price gap between how one person is selling and how much people are willing to buy. This is common practice and used often on Amazon and EBay. If you know someone is willing to pay $100 for a bag, but you know where you can buy it for $10, you’re taking a minimal risk in buying and selling those products. It does involve an upfront payment for whatever you’re selling and the time it takes to put it online and make it available, but this can be a very profitable and lucrative business to be a part of and in comparison to other forms of passive income, it can take less time and less energy to be a part of it.

While it hangs on the line between a main source of income and a passive income, creating products to sell across the wide range of online market places (Amazon, EBay, even Facebook) is a popular option for some people who wish to put their skills to use in a profitable manner. Depending on the complexity of the product and the demand, this could be a fruitful endeavour or it could be a colossal waste of time. It’s always important to weigh up the benefits before embarking on what could be an emotionally and physically taxing endeavour.

Another option for those who are more tech savvy and who own a blog or a website is the Amazon FBA Affiliate Marketing option. It’s free to join and can be very beneficial if you have a lot of traffic on your sites. It allows people to go through your affiliates site, buy products and then you can make money from their purchases. Amazon generates sales and you generate a passive income. It’s painless and takes almost no effort to join.

You could also use your website or blog to sell other peoples products, services or knowledge, and make money from them, or advertise and make money that way. Again, this can have a minor impact on your daily workings but could be profitable for your and whoever you go into business with.

Moving on from online based commerce and onto small businesses.

Small business do take up more time and effort in general, and tend to require more attention that E-Commerce, but this varies from business to business and is usually done on your prerogative.

This ranges from simply washing peoples cars, to hosting a laundromat, or to starting a small lawn-care business with employees who do the actual caring. The possibilities are plentiful, but again the success of these endeavours depend on the services you chose to offer and the audience you’re offering them to.

So far, these options have been relatively low-risk, but there are other profitable ideas that are noticeably high-risk but that can sometimes promise a large turnover.

Real estate renting is possibly the biggest risk when trying to make a passive income. It can also have the biggest reward if done correctly. There are many types of real estate that besides just rental income. This style of passive income will take time to develop the knowledge and skill like many others I can assure you it will be worth it in the end.

Although you are trusting people to pay you on time and not damage the property. There’s also the chance that things in the building fail and as the landlord you’re expected to fix these problems once they arise. But stick with Passive Wealth Warrior here and we can teach you ways around the negatives of real estate and show you the upsides!

A passive income is called a passive income because it is not designed to be your main source of income and should be treated as such until it exceeds your monthly expenses. Naturally as your income increases so does your expenses unless you are very well disiplined in areas of your finances. When someone tries to draw you into a pyramid scheme with the promise that you can make a real salary, do not believe them with your life. There are plenty of real business models out there that have the potential to generate a moderate consistent passive income that with hard work and dedication will yeild you a passsive income that exceeds your monthly expenses. Then you may exit the rat race my warrior friends.

As with all work, the benefits come from being good at what you do and being passionate about how you do it. Being sub-par is not conducive to your attempts.

Passive income is not intentionally passive.  Money does not just appear, you must put in the work upfront and do a good job then down the road you will reap the reward of your previous work and money, making you up to 10x the money you originally started with. Hard work , dedication and personal growth is the place to start. Passive income will create a opportunity for you to live a lifestyle free of the corporate 9-5 or the blue collar 80.

Stay tuned and signe up with your email as here at we will be diving into passive income on all levels to help you along your journey to creating a passive wealth lifestyle.

Weed Millions: Top 5 Pot Stocks

It’s not hard to understand why the marijuana industry is growing at such an extremely quick pace. Following the legalization of recreational cannabis this past October in Canada, as well as steady legalizations at the state level in the United States of America, the pot industry is now a legitimate business model. Investment dollars are pouring in since it’s now a validated industry, and so is demand for pot products. It would seem as if pot stocks could do no wrong, but as investors, you’ll know this isn’t true. There are always winners and losers within an industry regardless of the forecasted growth trajectory, and legal cannabis will be no different. With this in mind, below you’ll find the five stocks that i think you’re smart to own going forward.

Aurora Cannabis (NYSE:ACB): $7.22 current price

Because of its projected output, Aurora is an easy stock for investors to rally behind as it will likely lead all Canadian growers. At full production capacity the company is looking at a minimum of over 500,000 kilograms.

With a newly announced acquisition in Portugal, Aurora Cannabis has also done an excellent job of moving into overseas markets. It has a presence in 24 countries on five continents. This should come in handy by 2021, when the company will be looking to offload its excess domestic production as Canada could be producing far more dried cannabis flower than it can sell domestically by then.

Aurora Cannabis also noted in its most recent quarterly operating results that it’s on track to generate recurring positive EBITDA by its fiscal fourth quarter. Although this doesn’t guarantee profitability, it suggests that Aurora is on the right track to generating a recurring bottom-line profit.

OrganiGram Holdings (NASDAQOTH: OGRMF): $6.82 current price

With 113,000 kilos in peak annual production forecast by management, OrganiGram will solidly be a top-10 producer on an annual basis.

What makes OrganiGram particularly unique is its use of a three-tiered growing system at its Moncton campus in New Brunswick. Using tiers to grow plants allows for efficient space usage, in fact, there’s a good chance the company’s yield per square foot could be among the three highest in the industry. Couple that with exceptionally low costs (due to efficient space usage) and the company’s focus on a single grow site, and it’s easy to see why profit projections are so robust for OrganiGram.

Also with a focus on hemp and cannabis oils, OrganiGram’s product diversity will help protect its operating margins from being adversely impacted if the per-gram price of dried cannabis tanks.

CannTrust Holdings (NYSE:CTST): $9.02 current price

With a focus on hydroponic growing at its Vaughan and Niagara facilities, CannTrust Holdings is another grower that you should own. As opposed to soil, Hydroponics involves growing plants in a nutrient-rich water solvent. Since CannTrust has relatively inexpensive access to electricity and water in both locations, hydroponics offers a high-yield, low-cost means of growing pot.

Recently, Pelham and CannTrust agreed on a 390,000-square-foot expansion, albeit with added automation to improve efficiency and yield. If I were an investor, I’d count on CannTrust making acquisitions in the not-so-far future to further increase its annual output in light of its Niagara permitting holdup and reduced expansion (based on square footage).

Flowr (NASDAQOTH: FLWPF): $4.17 current price

Whereas most growers are focusing on sheer number, Flowr is all about quality. More specifically, this is a company that’s looking to carve itself a sizable chunk of the ultra-premium cannabis market. Since more affluent clientele are far less perturbed by economic fluctuations than the average consumer, Flowr should be better positioned than most pot growers to outperform in any economic environment. Additionally, Flowr might top all growers in terms of efficient production, with projected yields of 300 to 450 grams per square foot.

The Green Organic Dutchman (NASDAQOTH: TGODF): $3.14 current price

The Green Organic Dutchman may wind up being the 4th- or 5th-largest producer in Canada, depending on how much capacity expansion Tilray undertakes. Also known as TGOD, the company has forecast peak annual output of 195,000 kilos, which includes organic builds in Quebec and Ontario and partnerships abroad, including Jamaica.

Another reason to like The Green Organic Dutchman is its focus on cannabis alternatives. 40,000 kilos (of its 195,000 kilos in peak production) are expected to be devoted to cannabis-infused beverages and edibles, both of which will become legal in Canada by no later than mid-October. As one of Canada’s largest producers, this alternative cannabis operation looks to be a dangling carrot for a snack or beverage company looking for a marijuana partner.

Stocks,bonds,mutual funds oh my!


A stock is ownership in a company. You buy a piece of the company, when you buy a stock. So if the company tanks, your stock tanks. Congruently, if the company does well, you do well. There are many types of stocks just like bonds, because there are many different types of companies out there. Large company stocks (large cap), small cap stock, mid cap stock, emerging stock, international stock, tech stock, etc.

Historically, stocks have an annual average return of 10.8%. However, remember that with more revenue comes more risk. So if you plan to invest in stocks, keep in mind that you have to be able to handle the extra risk or volatility that comes with it, in-order to reap the potential reward in the long run.

Using the Rule of 72, if you have $5,000 in stocks that average 10% return overtime, it will take you 7.0 years to double your original investment to $10,000. You will have potentially $160,000, by the end of 36 years. Compare that to the $10,000 you will have after 36 years if you leave your money in just cash investments. From here you can have an idea why taking on the extra risk can become worth it in the long run.



A loan is the best way to describe a bond. You loan your money to a company or the government, and in return they pay you interest for the term of that loan. Bonds are typically considered conservative types of investments because you can choose the term and length of the bond and know exactly how much money you will get back at the end of the term or “maturity.” There are many types of bonds; corporate bonds, government bonds, long-term bonds, short-term bonds, municipal and inflation protected bonds, etc.

The main way you lose money on a bond is if the government or company issuing the bond defaults on their obligations, thus making them less risky than stocks. Historically, bonds have an annual average total return of 6.3%. Using the Rule of 72, if you have $4,000 in bonds that average 6% return overtime, it will take you 12 years to double your original investment to $8,000. Better than cash but still not that great.

Bonds are subject to interest rate risk and market risk if sold prior to maturity. As interest rates rises bond values will decline and bonds are subject to availability and change in price.


Mutual Fund:

Mutual funds represent another way to invest in bond, stocks, or cash alternatives. You can think of a mutual fund like a basket of bonds or stocks. Basically, your money along with the money of other investors is pooled into a fund, which then according to a stated investment strategy is invested in certain securities. The fund is managed by a fund manager who reports to a board of directors.

By investing in the fund, you own a piece of the pie (total portfolio), which could include anywhere from a few dozen to hundreds of securities. This provides you with instant diversification that would be more difficult & expensive to achieve on your own along with providing a convenient way to obtain professional money management.

Every mutual fund publishes a prospectus. Before investing in a mutual fund, get a copy and carefully review the information it contains, such as the fund’s investment objective, fees, expenses and risks. Carefully consider those factors as well as others before investing.