E-Commerce Profits

How to Build a Successful eCommerce Website with Shopify

When you’re making the decision to start your very own online business from scratch, it can be difficult to discern where you should begin.

A simple eCommerce store builder, Shopify takes all of the guesswork out of selling your products online. With it you’ll be able to build a website that performs fast, look goods, and can easily sell your products to new customers.

Ready to launch your very own Shopify business? Let’s get to it.

Discovering the Right Product or Service

Choosing the right product to sell is one of the most important parts of the website building process. If you fail to get this right you’ll end up spending months upon months building out your site and promoting a product that no one wants. And eventually you’ll end-up joining the ranks of the thousands of failed businesses. The best way to avoid this is by solving a pressing problem for a very large group of people. Think about the things you do daily that could be improved upon. A lot of successful businesses are built on the backs of scratching their own itch.

Why Use Shopify?

Shopify is used by big name brands like Wikipedia, Pixar, Evernote, and GE. Extremely flexible, Shopify caters to a wide variety of business types. Whether you want to expand your physical storefront into the online space or build a store to sell your own online jewelry. It’s a great choice for any style of business. Some of its common benefits are:

  • You don’t need any design or coding experience
  • You can easily expand your store with time
  • Shipping is a breeze
  • Incredibly intuitive and easy to use

The Shopify Sign-Up Process

The signup process is pretty simple once you’re ready. However, if you’re still unsure Shopify offers a 14-day free trial that will let you give the platform a test drive before buying. You’ll have to enter information such as your name, email address, password, and your location (for tax and shipping purposes). You can sign up exclusively here: https://bit.ly/2UAkLGL

Shopify also allows you to purchase your own domain (if you’re interested), when choosing a domain name make sure it can allow you to expand with time (if need be) and it’s relevant to the products your store is selling.

What Will Your Store Look Like?

You’ll have hundreds of themes to choose from when you visit the theme store (including free ones). Keep in mind that the theme you choose needs to be in alignment with the products you’re selling. Don’t choose a serious theme if you’re selling a more fun-oriented product, and vice versa. Keep your inventory and business goals in mind when you’re browsing the theme store. You can click the ‘View demo’ button on any theme in the store to see a working version of the theme.

Best of all, you’re never stuck with the theme you chose initially. If you end up wanting to switch out later, then Shopify makes the theme upgrade process very easily. You can also edit your current active theme and customize it to your liking.

Getting Products out the Door

Now comes the fun part. However, before adding products to your store, let me highlight a process that allows you to ensure you’re only selling products your customers want. No more paying a ton of money up front for products that are only going to take up “virtual” space.

  1. Start with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Ask yourself: what is the most basic version of my product I could offer that solves the core need of my audience?

Once you have that very basic version (MVP) you could create an out of stock page for your product, and send very cheap traffic to that page via Google or Facebook ads, in-order to see if people are actually willing to place an order for your product. This will help to further validate your idea.

Plus, narrowing down your product line from the get go will make launching that much easier, and will be less overwhelming for new customers.

  1. Obtain Customer Feedback

Once you have a working version of that initial product you can then get feedback and input from your customer (via surveys, email, or by contacting your customer and so on) to further refine your product, so it has a great chance of success across the larger market.

  1. Incorporate and Expand

Once you’ve received valuable feedback from your target customer it’s time to incorporate that information into your existing feedback. This can be a hard part for a lot of people, because they might have a hard time cutting features to their product that they truly love. But, just keep in mind that a business exists to serve the customer. The better you serve them the more likely they are to buy more products from you, and even recommend your store to their friends!

Launching Your Store with a Bang

Now the time has come to launch your store to the world. A lot of people launch their stores to nothing but crickets. This can be incredibly disheartening. But, if you haven’t taken the time to cultivate an audience, or spend some cash on advertising, then you can’t actually expect anyone to know about your store.

If you want your company to survive, then you need to market. However, don’t be afraid to get creative with your business’s marketing. Dollar Shave Club has managed to succeed with razor thin margins. Part of their success is due to their stellar branding and marketing efforts.

Growing Your Shopify Site

There are a variety of ways to drive traffic to your storefront. To start you have: PPC, social media, and content marketing. However, you’re going to need to experiment and find what works best for your company.

Some of the best ways to start are by using Twitter and Facebook to promote their products and share relevant content that their audience is going to enjoy. However, a lot of eCommerce store owners have also had success with more visual-oriented platforms, like, Instagram and Pinterest. Both of these platforms allow your customers to visualize themselves using your products, thus allowing you to easily build buzz around your products.

Also, building up large social media followings will help to add credibility to your products, which will help to make the purchasing decision much easier in the eyes of your customer. Here are some more great Shopify marketing tactics.

Prepare for the Long Term (Success Can Hit at Any Time)

You never truly know when you’re going to be successful. It could take weeks, months, years, or it could even happen overnight. There’s nothing worse than failing to fill a big order.

Be prepared to meet and exceed your goals. Of course, you don’t want to have a ton of extra product lying around, but it’s even worse to have a long delay on your very first shipment. Delighting your early adopters is a more important long-term business move, than spending a little extra money up front.

Always be ready to expand. This doesn’t mean you need to actually setup large scale production right from the get go, but you should at least have a plan laid out that you can implement if the need does arise.


Stay tuned for more in depth topics on Shopify Platform, how to choose your products and your Niche.

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Do you want Franchise with that?

5 Really Good Franchise Opportunities

Starting or becoming a business owner can be expensive, and most people don’t know where to begin or have millions of dollars to invest in getting the business up and running.

If starting and running your own business is really a dream to be realized, then the good news is that you can by looking into a franchise that accentuates your hobby, dream or idea today.

Franchises give you the opportunity to work, make a reasonable profit while establishing yourself in the niche as a contender with other big names. There are plenty of good franchises all over with a viable future ranging from foods, wellness, fitness, auto care, real estate, and anything that tickles your fancy, interest, strengths, marketing acumen, and budget.

We are going to look at some small businesses that you can franchise and make it big tomorrow.

5 big Franchises to Invest in Today

River Street Sweet

This is a family owned homemade candy business that has been running for the past 40 years. Voted Savannah’s best candy store 14 years in a row, all products are made with handed down family recipes with the finest ingredients. Some of the products are Pralines, pecan pies, praline pound cake, fudge and gift baskets for any occasion and with stores all over the South and counting, it is a business to buy into and reap huge profits.

The Franchise requirement to own a piece of sweetness is

o    A location of 2000 -300- square feet for large companies and 750 -1000 sq. ft for a small location

o    Should be located in areas where people and tourist can access easy

o    Initial investment for a single candy store startup location of $419,550 and $844,000 is made; a $40,000 initial franchise fee and a discount of 5000$ for military veterans looking to start with us.

o    A royalty payment of 5% gross sale for the week

o    A monthly technology fee – $300

o    A 2 percent gross sale for advertising


The candy industry is a 35 billion dollar business with more and more American taking a bite from this lucrative business, joining us will give you the opportunity to make people happy while making cool profits for yourself.

We provide the necessary training to effectively run your business

You learn all the tricks of the trade from the best hands in the business


For more information visit the website at http://www.riverstreetsweets.com or call on 1-844-842-9037

Mosquito Squad

Mosquitoes are everywhere, and this tiny pest can make your life a living hell. If you have been planning how to curb the mosquito in your neighborhood, you can join Mosquito Squad for a profitable task of getting rid of this pesky pest.

Founded in 2009, it has become the best name associated with pest control and with 200 franchise location and over 50 million dollars in sales, you are sure to make money every time. Furthermore, the company has a third party lender system to help startup franchise acclimatize to the scene.

The requirements are an initial franchise fee of 15 000 to 32, 500 dollars and an initial investment of $17, 050 to $79, 425 dollars.

A territory fee of  $12,500 dollars is non-refundable after signing the agreement and a branding fee of  $400 dollars.


o    Multiple revenue streams

o    Low initial investment

o    Financing available for new investors

o    Multiple pest control solution for clients

o    Experienced support system

o    Marketing knowledge, extensive marketing tool kit, quick startup

For more information, visit us at http://www.mosquitosquadfranchise.com or call 1-888-308-3018.

Anytime Fitness

With over 44,000 franchises around the globe, this fitness guru is beating the competition by providing an all-round fitness plan for the everyday person. The gym not only opens 24 hours/7 days a week but also provides one-on-one fitness coaching, healthy options and the opportunity to franchise with them.

The franchise requirements are a $130,753 to $722, 546 dollar total initial investment, a $42,500 dollars initial franchise fee.

A one-time structural fee of $37, 500 and a monthly fee of $549 dollars


o    24 hours keycard access to any locations owned by anytime fitness

o    You don’t pay a percentage of total sales

o    You get full support on the best location to open the gym and how to make money profit while providing the best services to clients

o    You get a discount on your initial gym, and more discounts on subsequent gyms opened

o    You have the opportunity to work with different gyms anywhere in the world

o    Low investment, more profit and more healthy people using a solid program

For more information visit their website on https://www.anytimefitnessfranchise.com/ or call on (800) 704-5004

Taco Bell

If you love Mexican foods, you must love Taco Bell. Located everywhere, Taco Bell has made a name for itself since its inception. Currently ranking fourth in the franchise 500, they plan to open 1000 more franchise outlets by 2022. This might be the franchise opportunity you were looking for if you love fast foods.

The requirements are very plenty and really expensive, if you desire to start up, the initial investment is $525, 100 to $2,622,400 dollars. If you are purchasing an existing Taco Bell outlet, the price range is $175,000 to $1, 455,000 or more dollars.  The franchise fee is $25,000 to $45,000. You have other charges such as grand opening of 5000$, 5.5 percent unit gross sale, etc.

o    The initial term of the agreement is 25 years and is a renewal

o    Financial assistance to help new minority franchise in purchasing existing outlets owned by the company or develops a new one

o    Full training provided and Taco Bell requires all the new franchisees to attend it brand immersion course where you are taught the rules of the trade, how to be a success story, manage well and make a good profit


o    Brand recognition

o    Business expansion

o    Already made clients

o    Economy stability

o    Great returns on investment

o    Quality training for you and the staff form the experts

o    Reliable food supply chain

For more information, visit their website at http://www.tacobell.com


Jan-Pro is a commercial cleaning service providing homeowners and workspaces relief. Jan-Pro has been in the cleaning business for over 25 years and has an in-depth knowledge of cleaning; products, service, and equipment to ensure each space are well-cleaned. Their services extend beyond the normal house and workspaces to health facilities like hospitals.

Franchise requirements

The requirements are an

o    An initial investment of $3,985 to 51, 605

o    Initial franchise fee of $2,520 to $44,000

Furthermore, the franchise needs a $1000 cash to open the systems, must be worth at least $50,000 and have a $5000 to open a location with the name Jan-Pro. This might look like another cleaning business, but with so many people lazing around, this might just be your one chance to make some clean cash with the over 10,090 outlets.


Jan-Pro will provide certificate program with no charge but may charge a fair fee for additional people attending the program. The program will equip the new franchise with all the knowledge they need to successfully run their new Jan-Pro business.

The duration for each franchise for a period of 10 years – franchises can also renew the agreement when they fulfill the entire requirement in the initial contract. With services in 8 countries and over 10,000 franchises, Jan-Pro is one booming cleaning business that can change the way you make money.

For more information and franchising details, please visit their website http://www.jan-pro.com or call them on 866-355-1064

Property Management Incorporated

Everyone needs a home whether to buy or rent, we need a safe and secure place to live in. the property business in a big one, a huge opportunity to anyone will to work and be patient to reap the benefits of the industry. Property Management Inc was founded in 2008 and has rapidly grown to the best property management solution helping people with residential, commercial, association and vacation homes like none in the industry to get their dream homes or property.

Managing more than 230 franchise locations in over 40 states, in 2 territories; this business offers the best training technology and marketing solutions to franchisee t become a success.

The requirements for franchising with Property management is

o    A franchise fee of $15,000 to $45,000

o    An initial investment of $22,000 to $106, 800


o    Six weeks full hands-on training for all franchisees

o    A huge financial benefit with the exponential growth experienced by the company

o    Franchisees get technology, marketing, and back office support

For more information, visit https://propertymanagementincfranchise.com/ or call at 801 -407 -1301.

Franchising is a booming industry worth over 2 trillion dollars alone in the United States and supporting nearly a million startups to success, and giving room for employment; it is the best way to start a business without beating yourself at it.

Franchising also prevents you from starting from scratch which is why most businesses fail; and rather than start to fail, franchising has created a loyal, trustworthy and profitable base for so many people.

The last advantage is that you are buying into a known brand meaning you can transfer your energy to other aspects that will prosper the business.

One Million One Year



My Journey with Affiliate Marketing has sparked so many things in my life. I have truly learned to inspire myself, which is something I never knew was possible. I have learned through failure, success, and trying I truly do have what it takes to win at everything.

The key to winning at everything is first knowing that you can and actually believing you can. Once you believe in yourself you have made the most crucial step in changing your mindset. Once you have developed absolute belief in yourself the other areas of your mindset begin to change organically and positively.

I shopped around the internet, read books, watched thousands of YouTube videos, fell for hundreds of different sales pitches and sales funnels trying to find away to stop having to work so hard for so little and sacrifice everything and everyone in my life. Needless to say I was spending nearly half of every paycheck trying to find a solution or something on the side that I could do. I did not have much more than a Internet connection and computer from work. I needed something I could do from anywhere as work always kept me on the road traveling state to state. I would work long hours in extreme conditions causing serious damage to my body and my spirit.

Finally I watched a small ad that was on YouTube about how this guy claimed to work part time and make full time living from a simple business model with no real skill or training. I thought Yeah right heard this one bet this is going to cost. But I could not sleep that night so, I got up and sat in the bathtub of the motel six and watched the ad at least 10 more times, finally took a look at where I was and my bank account on my app. Said ” this is it, I have nothing to loose and I will stick with this until I make it work!”

I downloaded his free mini eBook, signed up for his free webinar, stayed up all night sitting in an empty cold hotel bathtub reading the eBook and watching everything on his YouTube channel taking notes. I was so pumped up. When the morning rolled around I told my co workers about it and they all looked at me like I had really lost it. We went about the work day and I just kept telling each one of them over and over about all the amazing things I learned while they all slept! They seemed interested but not like me. We rushed back to the hotel at the end of the day, I slammed my laptop on the crappy hotel table where the light was even broke. The guys all scurried around the room changing their clothes and heading out for dinner. I declined because I had a webinar about making millions set up to start in just 28 minutes.


I logged on joined the webinar 8 minutes early with my previous days notes and empty notebook ready to go. I was so excited. My wife called me to see how the day was going and I said love ya babe, but I am busy learning how to be a millionaire. She just laughed and said “OK then call me when your done.” She had grown accustom to my frantic ploys to make fat stacks of green and staying up all night working every channel I could get my internet thumb on.

I watched for 90 minutes mesmerized how the cool looking guy wrote all over the white board behind him and drew out the entire process, then he went step by step on his own screen and shared it all. There must of only been maybe 100 people in the hole world watching and I am not sure if anyone else was feeling what I was feeling but I could not contain myself.

I had notes everywhere, still in my work boots and coveralls I had been wearing in the cold Oklahoma weather. I felt like I had already made a million dollars. I called my wife and told her all about it, she said ” well hunnie that is fascinating but the washer is leaking everywhere, the garbage disposal is clogged, the dog ate the couch and my truck wont start. Unless I borrow some of your new found wealth to fix this stuff, then I need my husband to focus on finishing the job and get home please!”

It was a classic gut punch for me as a man, I just could not take it anymore. I had to make this work. My roommates came back to the room so I went to my cold empty bathroom with my headphones and signed up for affiliate networks and wix account. I began looking at all the commissions and offers computing on my crappy Walmart prepaid “smart phone” how many offers I had to sell or get someone to click on to make $100, $200, $500, even $10,000. I started to get more excited. Next thing I knew I was building landing pages and sales funnels that actually looked pretty decent for someone who had never even built a website. I was writing the sales copy for the pages and thinking about how all the landing pages I had been through as a customer. What are things that made me buy or keep going.

Eventually I had about 12 of them set up and was confident enough to break out the debit card and start buying domains for the landing pages. I only had $120 left of my per deim and that was suppose to feed me all week but something in me told me to buy these domains and I would make it.

To sum up the story, I did not make one sale or commission of those 12 domains/landing pages ever. But the knowledge I gained in those 3 days/nights of trying and learning the affiliate process brought something out in me that I did not know existed.

4 years later I can say I have successfully mastered the affiliate marketing business models. I can generate revenue from anywhere in the world and even have done so with the the internet.

I decided that I wanted to write a book about how to get started with affiliate marketing, how the business models work and then give my readers an actual step by step work book to help guide them through the first 12 months of there journey.

See I was a journalist when it came to learning things, I wrote down everything , still do. But that is not something most people do which causes them to give up and fall of the path to their dreams of independence and financial security. The 12 month take action work book included at the end of my book forces you to keep moving forward taking action towards your goal. The best part is that you can start all over anytime you want, do it at your own pace, spend more time where you need and reference the book!

The book truly will help you out. I am still a in the same industry I was when I went through this experience, but I am in a place within myself that truly lets me do my job because I love it not because I have too. That is powerful and that is freedom.

The first person I taught this skill to was my wife, the skeptic, and let me tell you she has caught the fire now.

Affiliate Marketing can really change your life in ways you never thought possible. You just have to learn to educate yourself, take action and keep moving forward.

There are even children doing this business model now making millions from there iPad in their rooms and parents do not even know it.

Folks, you owe it to yourself to give it a try. Pick up your FREE copy of my book. Give it a read. Try it for 12 months. Even if you just dedicate an hour or two a week for a year. You will learn more about yourself and abilities just as I did.

Pick up your copy here on Amazon: https://amzn.to/2TfFA5C


Develop your Warrior Mentality!!


Passive Aggressive


Passive income! Everyone needs it ,everyone wants it, and here at Passivewealthwarrior.com we believe everyone should have it!

Let’s break down passive income and what it means to have a passive income.

What kind of approach- the approach is going through the initial process to create a sustainable business system that will pay you money after the work is done.

What kind of people- the kind of people passive income is for? Well that is up to your beliefs. It is for those who work hard ,know the value of hard work, know their worth, are not afraid of sweat equity and are willing to fail their way to success. Passive wealth is those who are not willing to settle for the salary and 2 weeks paid vacation from the regular jobs. Passive wealth is for those who want more, who want to live life and leave a life for their families to actually life. Passive wealth is for those who have a warrior mentality.

What kind of businessess- what kind of business models are involved in passive income. The list is far to long because it can truly be any business as long as you know how to structure it in a way that you do not have to trade your time for money. I will list a few.

Affiliate Marketing

Real estate investing

Stock market investing

Network Marketing


Coaching or Teaching

Media content creation

Thise are just a few. It could even be a lemonade stand or fortune 500 company as long as you position yourself right within the marketplace you can have a successful passive income business.

How long does it take? Well that too depends on what business model you choose and to what level you scale it. Other things come into play as well such as learning curve time and analysis of your growth etc. I don’t want to say nothing happens over night because several things have happened rather quickly online but they should not be your goal you should want to establish sustainable relationships within the marketplace to create long term passive wealth.

How much work is involved? Again this is dependent on your market and business model you intend to use. Each one requires different levels of knowledge a d structure, those things can take alot of time and work to create. With that being said though they tend to yield the best results over an extended time period.

Now that I have brought you a warm introduction into passive wealth warrior community I hope you stay, learn and grow into a passive wealth warrior! The content here is to provide you with the best opportunity to invest in yourself by giving you the best resources available.

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How to start with no money

Becoming a passive wealth warrior is no easy task that is why you have to have a warrior mentality!

But just like a warrior who starts out weak and grows strong you have to have the right elements in place and use leverage and opportunity to your advantage.

You will need to sharpen your skills

Develop yourself and your image of yourself as a successful person

Learn effective communication skills and techniques

Just like a warrior must learn historic battle methods, weaponry, eat right ,train hard and rest. You to will have to learn passive income business models that are historically successful, learn “weaponry” the tools and techniques used to master the craft. You will have to train hard to become good in order to dominate the marketplace.

Yes it’s hard, and your thinking but it’s supposed to be passive. It will be but not up front. Be a warrior your here for a reason, something in side you is telling you, “you can do this!”.

No money down

No problem- there are several options for you to start making passive income with little to no money down or upfront. This does mean you will have to put more time and effort in but in my professional opinion that is best education you can receive. The education from.your marketplace is the most valuable asset you have next to your mind when creating passive wealth.

In this article we are going to talk about a few ways you can start generating some passive income and be on your way to becoming a passive wealth warrior! Let’s dive right in .

Starting a business with no money down may sound like a dream and a scam at the same time, right? Well let me tell you this many have been done before you and people even kids are still doing it. You must be creative and have ambition and drive to work at it. There is no need to reinvent the wheel or have some DNA changing product. You can use successful business models and duplicate the process for yourself to win.

For example, Macdonald’s is not the only place to sell cheeseburgers and fries. Other companies have successfully duplicated their business model and have became very profitable, even sharing the same exact customers because of one thing variety if value!

You can do the same thing with online business.

Here are some examples of business models you can start and duplicate with no money money down.

Affiliate marketing- sell other companies products or service, and you get a commission off of each sale. Digital sales person.

Products of Amazon, Walmart, Target etc.

Services from Google, Microsoft, At&t etc.

These are always free to sign up ( because they want you to sell for them). Then all you have to do is market them to the correct audience.

Well guess what ?

Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Instagram, Tumblr and so much more are free! Boom! Business started no money down. How cool was that?

Yes, you will have to work at it and invest in yourself to learn the skills but it is possible and people have made some serious dough as well.

How about social media management? Everything and everyone is practicing engagement on social media that is the era we all live in now and it is now more than ever before more important for small business to be online and engaging via social media networking in order to keep up with the giants.

With that being said how many local small businesses around you know how to write post, make Facebook ads or groups, have the time to engage with their customers answer questions ? They are so busy they think of this as a daunting task and just walk away from it all together and it could kill there business!

If your good at social media you could acquire them as a client and provide them social media management services for a monthly fee! I have seen these fees go up to $15,000 dollars a month for local chiropractors! Now obviously they really knew what they were doing and provided quality results to build that kind of reputation with their client in order for their client to pay big money. You could offer a free 30 days to show your self worthy of their business and then if they like your approach offer a contract for a monthly basis at $200-$500 as your services grow and skills grow charge more! Another no money down business!

Are you still sitting there doing nothing?

What are your skills? Talents? Hobbies?

Maybe your into fishing, during the fishing months offer up weekly fishing reports and have subscribers who pay you for the report $5 a month. Or become a guide and charge hourly, cut a deal with someone who has a boat become business partners. No money down and you get to fish and make money!!

There are all types of voids I the marketplace you have to be willing to get out of the noise visit the quiet and watch, listen to what people are really saying, what they really want. The marketplace will sing you the most beautiful song you ever heard, the sound of money, freedom, success. You have to be willing to listen then attack! That is how you become a passive wealth warrior!

Compound Interest 8th Wonder of the World

Compound Interest

If you want to manage your finances, than one of the most important concepts for you to understand is Compound interest. It goes both ways, it can make things worse when you have interest compounding on money you’ve borrowed, but it can also help you earn a higher return on your investments and savings.

What Is Compound Interest?

Compounding is a process of growing. You already know how something can build upon itself, if you’re familiar with the “snowball effect.”

How Does the Concept Work?

CI is interest earned on money that was previously earned as interest. This cycle leads to increasing account balances and interest at an increasing rate, sometimes known as exponential growth.

Start with the simple interest’s concept: you deposit money in the bank, and in return the bank pays you interest on it. For example, you might deposit $200 for one year at 10 percent, and you’d earn $20 in interest over the year.

What happens next year? Here compounding comes in. You’ll start earning interest on the deposit you made initially and you’ll earn interest on the interest you just earned:

You’ll earn 10 percent on your original deposit $200 again.

You’ll earn 10 percent on the new $20 of interest earnings the bank paid to your account.

That means you’ll earn more than $20 next year because your account balance is now $220, even though you didn’t make any new deposits in the bank, so your earnings will accelerate. At many banks (especially online banks), the process moves even faster as interest compounds daily and gets added to your account monthly.

Compounding works against you, if you’re borrowing money. You pay interest on the borrowed money, and your loan balance can increase over time, even if you don’t borrow any more money.

How to get started investing with compound interest?

Bank accounts earn compound interest: Most savings accounts key feature is the interest they pay, which is typically higher than the interest you can earn on checking accounts; many checking accounts pay no interest at all.

You can also earn compounded interest in certificates of deposit (CDs) and money market accounts.

Some bonds earn compound interest: A fixed interest sum is paid by many bonds, but some, like zero coupon bonds incorporate compounded growth. A typical bond might have you paying the face value of the bond (which might be $10,000), and then collecting regular interest payments, often referred to as coupons, before getting the face value back at maturity. With a zero coupon bond (even though its face value might be $10,000), you’ll pay less for it, such as, perhaps, $9,500. You’ll receive no interest payments, but at maturity, you’ll collect $10,000, not the $9,500, with the difference representing the compounded value of interest payments.

The power of compounding in non-interest-bearing investments: Investments like GICs, bonds and savings accounts pay interest. You know exactly how much money you’re going to earn, with these types of investments. You can still benefit from compounding by reinvesting your earnings on other investments, like mutual funds, exchange-traded funds (ETFs) and stocks. If you hold any of these investments within a registered account like a tax-free savings account (TFSA) or registered retirement savings plan (RRSP) you may be able to reduce or eliminate the tax you pay on your earning

Invest in you: Your Most Valuable Asset: MVA

When we think about becoming rich or wealthy it is natural for us to think of money, or material things. Houses, cars, fancy watches and dinners, those things all come to mind without hesitation.

Some will talk about their 401k, their real estate portfolio, or their investment portfolio.

The above all can be measured in two categories. 1. Liabilities and 2. Assets. Those are the only two categories you can use for anything in life. Now both have pro and con columns to them. Let’s break them down in simple terms.

Asset- An asset is something that provides you money, or means to generate money.

Ex #1: Stock- pays you a dividend ( money back for for percentage of growth in a time period).

Ex #2: Rental Property- You own a home and someone pays you to live there. ( the house is the asset).

Liability- something that takes money away from you!

Ex #1: Your house payment

Ex #2: Your car payment

This is an expense you pay and it never pays you or makes you any money.

The key to true success is what you just did! Learn! For some of you who never knew the difference between asset and liability that information can change everything for you!

Now ask yourself this next question.

How much more is out there for me that I do not know that could change my life if I knew it?

Powerful question isn’t!?

People do not invest in themselves! But they will willing throw their hard earned money at a get rich quick scheme, or late night drive thru binge. Most people throw more money away on bad habits such as lottery, smoking, drinking, gambling or cable bill than it takes to start a website that generates over $1,000 a month passive income!

Did you know the average American spends over $1000 a month eating out! Americans as a whole spent nearly $53 billion dollars in eating out and going to bars compared to the $54 billion in groceries!

Think about that because you are part of Both numbers! Do you think you could successfully start and scale an online business with $12,000 if I gave it to you today?

The problem truly is most people do not want to work for it. They believe passive means no work. Well actually it means work up front. With the work up front you can create something that becomes an asset to you and produces money for you on a regular basis without any further effort or considerably less effort. Are your ready for the steps?

You have to invest in yourself first! You are your more valuable asset! The best part about investing in yourself is no one can take that away from you! No stock market crash, no poor real estate market, no natural disaster, poor political policy or bad investment. It forever belongs to you! You can use it, develop it, make it stronger and keep using it as an asset to produce more and more money forever!

Let’s use something some what simple as an example. Creating social media post that are engaging and capturing. Everyone is using social media and chances are you are too. Well good news business are going social and they need your help. Can you take online course from a college or digital marketing program and learn how to create these types of post for business and charge them. If you could, you could do this on your lunch break after class, after work, get up an hour early stay up an hour later. Once you became good at it and start building clients you will build a business and professional image all because you invested in yourself FIRST! Some businesses are paying others up to $5000 per month to build 3 ads a month for them! Once you learn this and become professional in this niche, you could write a book or teach a class or course and make money that way. See it’s not all passive, but has the potential to become passive.

The stocks are not passive. Sure you can buy and get lucky 10 to 15 years down the road if the company does well. But all great investors do lots of investing from within using no money. Things like market research, prior market history, company history, who is running the company what are their values and beliefs etc. They put the work in first, then they create their plan and watch for the perfect time them attack.

What people see is the success of others when it becomes flashy and captivating, not when these people are up at 3 am working or investing in themselves reading, studying before they go to their regular jobs. This is what it takes to get where you want to be!

You want the fast cars, the nice suits or dresses, the marble floors, private jet rides, the $500 dollar desserts, the legacy to leave your children and the world. Well my warriors you MUST INVEST IN YOURSELF AS YOUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET ! MVA

Pick up a book, ebook, magazine articles, podcast, edex course, online program, entrepreneur courses, YouTube, mentorship, apprenticeship.

Anything you can get your hands on!

Learn it! Invest in it! Take action on it!

I guarantee you that you will see change in your life!