E-Commerce Profits

How to Build a Successful eCommerce Website with Shopify

When you’re making the decision to start your very own online business from scratch, it can be difficult to discern where you should begin.

A simple eCommerce store builder, Shopify takes all of the guesswork out of selling your products online. With it you’ll be able to build a website that performs fast, look goods, and can easily sell your products to new customers.

Ready to launch your very own Shopify business? Let’s get to it.

Discovering the Right Product or Service

Choosing the right product to sell is one of the most important parts of the website building process. If you fail to get this right you’ll end up spending months upon months building out your site and promoting a product that no one wants. And eventually you’ll end-up joining the ranks of the thousands of failed businesses. The best way to avoid this is by solving a pressing problem for a very large group of people. Think about the things you do daily that could be improved upon. A lot of successful businesses are built on the backs of scratching their own itch.

Why Use Shopify?

Shopify is used by big name brands like Wikipedia, Pixar, Evernote, and GE. Extremely flexible, Shopify caters to a wide variety of business types. Whether you want to expand your physical storefront into the online space or build a store to sell your own online jewelry. It’s a great choice for any style of business. Some of its common benefits are:

  • You don’t need any design or coding experience
  • You can easily expand your store with time
  • Shipping is a breeze
  • Incredibly intuitive and easy to use

The Shopify Sign-Up Process

The signup process is pretty simple once you’re ready. However, if you’re still unsure Shopify offers a 14-day free trial that will let you give the platform a test drive before buying. You’ll have to enter information such as your name, email address, password, and your location (for tax and shipping purposes). You can sign up exclusively here: https://bit.ly/2UAkLGL

Shopify also allows you to purchase your own domain (if you’re interested), when choosing a domain name make sure it can allow you to expand with time (if need be) and it’s relevant to the products your store is selling.

What Will Your Store Look Like?

You’ll have hundreds of themes to choose from when you visit the theme store (including free ones). Keep in mind that the theme you choose needs to be in alignment with the products you’re selling. Don’t choose a serious theme if you’re selling a more fun-oriented product, and vice versa. Keep your inventory and business goals in mind when you’re browsing the theme store. You can click the ‘View demo’ button on any theme in the store to see a working version of the theme.

Best of all, you’re never stuck with the theme you chose initially. If you end up wanting to switch out later, then Shopify makes the theme upgrade process very easily. You can also edit your current active theme and customize it to your liking.

Getting Products out the Door

Now comes the fun part. However, before adding products to your store, let me highlight a process that allows you to ensure you’re only selling products your customers want. No more paying a ton of money up front for products that are only going to take up “virtual” space.

  1. Start with a Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

Ask yourself: what is the most basic version of my product I could offer that solves the core need of my audience?

Once you have that very basic version (MVP) you could create an out of stock page for your product, and send very cheap traffic to that page via Google or Facebook ads, in-order to see if people are actually willing to place an order for your product. This will help to further validate your idea.

Plus, narrowing down your product line from the get go will make launching that much easier, and will be less overwhelming for new customers.

  1. Obtain Customer Feedback

Once you have a working version of that initial product you can then get feedback and input from your customer (via surveys, email, or by contacting your customer and so on) to further refine your product, so it has a great chance of success across the larger market.

  1. Incorporate and Expand

Once you’ve received valuable feedback from your target customer it’s time to incorporate that information into your existing feedback. This can be a hard part for a lot of people, because they might have a hard time cutting features to their product that they truly love. But, just keep in mind that a business exists to serve the customer. The better you serve them the more likely they are to buy more products from you, and even recommend your store to their friends!

Launching Your Store with a Bang

Now the time has come to launch your store to the world. A lot of people launch their stores to nothing but crickets. This can be incredibly disheartening. But, if you haven’t taken the time to cultivate an audience, or spend some cash on advertising, then you can’t actually expect anyone to know about your store.

If you want your company to survive, then you need to market. However, don’t be afraid to get creative with your business’s marketing. Dollar Shave Club has managed to succeed with razor thin margins. Part of their success is due to their stellar branding and marketing efforts.

Growing Your Shopify Site

There are a variety of ways to drive traffic to your storefront. To start you have: PPC, social media, and content marketing. However, you’re going to need to experiment and find what works best for your company.

Some of the best ways to start are by using Twitter and Facebook to promote their products and share relevant content that their audience is going to enjoy. However, a lot of eCommerce store owners have also had success with more visual-oriented platforms, like, Instagram and Pinterest. Both of these platforms allow your customers to visualize themselves using your products, thus allowing you to easily build buzz around your products.

Also, building up large social media followings will help to add credibility to your products, which will help to make the purchasing decision much easier in the eyes of your customer. Here are some more great Shopify marketing tactics.

Prepare for the Long Term (Success Can Hit at Any Time)

You never truly know when you’re going to be successful. It could take weeks, months, years, or it could even happen overnight. There’s nothing worse than failing to fill a big order.

Be prepared to meet and exceed your goals. Of course, you don’t want to have a ton of extra product lying around, but it’s even worse to have a long delay on your very first shipment. Delighting your early adopters is a more important long-term business move, than spending a little extra money up front.

Always be ready to expand. This doesn’t mean you need to actually setup large scale production right from the get go, but you should at least have a plan laid out that you can implement if the need does arise.


Stay tuned for more in depth topics on Shopify Platform, how to choose your products and your Niche.

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Author: Quentin Hollon

Enthusiastic self motivated and determined individual that has made it my life mission to excel and succeed in everything that comes my way even if I have to fail multiple times in order to do so. I have developed many great skills and wealth of useful knowledge that I want to share with the world of hard working people to help them get to the life they truly deserve. It is a passion of mine to educate and motivate in all areas of life. I love my beautiful wife and family, love to travel, read and challenge myself beyond normal measures. My goal is to leave an honorable legacy for my son and family, and change the life's of many through inspiration and education.

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