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5 Really Good Franchise Opportunities

Starting or becoming a business owner can be expensive, and most people don’t know where to begin or have millions of dollars to invest in getting the business up and running.

If starting and running your own business is really a dream to be realized, then the good news is that you can by looking into a franchise that accentuates your hobby, dream or idea today.

Franchises give you the opportunity to work, make a reasonable profit while establishing yourself in the niche as a contender with other big names. There are plenty of good franchises all over with a viable future ranging from foods, wellness, fitness, auto care, real estate, and anything that tickles your fancy, interest, strengths, marketing acumen, and budget.

We are going to look at some small businesses that you can franchise and make it big tomorrow.

5 big Franchises to Invest in Today

River Street Sweet

This is a family owned homemade candy business that has been running for the past 40 years. Voted Savannah’s best candy store 14 years in a row, all products are made with handed down family recipes with the finest ingredients. Some of the products are Pralines, pecan pies, praline pound cake, fudge and gift baskets for any occasion and with stores all over the South and counting, it is a business to buy into and reap huge profits.

The Franchise requirement to own a piece of sweetness is

o    A location of 2000 -300- square feet for large companies and 750 -1000 sq. ft for a small location

o    Should be located in areas where people and tourist can access easy

o    Initial investment for a single candy store startup location of $419,550 and $844,000 is made; a $40,000 initial franchise fee and a discount of 5000$ for military veterans looking to start with us.

o    A royalty payment of 5% gross sale for the week

o    A monthly technology fee – $300

o    A 2 percent gross sale for advertising


The candy industry is a 35 billion dollar business with more and more American taking a bite from this lucrative business, joining us will give you the opportunity to make people happy while making cool profits for yourself.

We provide the necessary training to effectively run your business

You learn all the tricks of the trade from the best hands in the business


For more information visit the website at or call on 1-844-842-9037

Mosquito Squad

Mosquitoes are everywhere, and this tiny pest can make your life a living hell. If you have been planning how to curb the mosquito in your neighborhood, you can join Mosquito Squad for a profitable task of getting rid of this pesky pest.

Founded in 2009, it has become the best name associated with pest control and with 200 franchise location and over 50 million dollars in sales, you are sure to make money every time. Furthermore, the company has a third party lender system to help startup franchise acclimatize to the scene.

The requirements are an initial franchise fee of 15 000 to 32, 500 dollars and an initial investment of $17, 050 to $79, 425 dollars.

A territory fee of  $12,500 dollars is non-refundable after signing the agreement and a branding fee of  $400 dollars.


o    Multiple revenue streams

o    Low initial investment

o    Financing available for new investors

o    Multiple pest control solution for clients

o    Experienced support system

o    Marketing knowledge, extensive marketing tool kit, quick startup

For more information, visit us at or call 1-888-308-3018.

Anytime Fitness

With over 44,000 franchises around the globe, this fitness guru is beating the competition by providing an all-round fitness plan for the everyday person. The gym not only opens 24 hours/7 days a week but also provides one-on-one fitness coaching, healthy options and the opportunity to franchise with them.

The franchise requirements are a $130,753 to $722, 546 dollar total initial investment, a $42,500 dollars initial franchise fee.

A one-time structural fee of $37, 500 and a monthly fee of $549 dollars


o    24 hours keycard access to any locations owned by anytime fitness

o    You don’t pay a percentage of total sales

o    You get full support on the best location to open the gym and how to make money profit while providing the best services to clients

o    You get a discount on your initial gym, and more discounts on subsequent gyms opened

o    You have the opportunity to work with different gyms anywhere in the world

o    Low investment, more profit and more healthy people using a solid program

For more information visit their website on or call on (800) 704-5004

Taco Bell

If you love Mexican foods, you must love Taco Bell. Located everywhere, Taco Bell has made a name for itself since its inception. Currently ranking fourth in the franchise 500, they plan to open 1000 more franchise outlets by 2022. This might be the franchise opportunity you were looking for if you love fast foods.

The requirements are very plenty and really expensive, if you desire to start up, the initial investment is $525, 100 to $2,622,400 dollars. If you are purchasing an existing Taco Bell outlet, the price range is $175,000 to $1, 455,000 or more dollars.  The franchise fee is $25,000 to $45,000. You have other charges such as grand opening of 5000$, 5.5 percent unit gross sale, etc.

o    The initial term of the agreement is 25 years and is a renewal

o    Financial assistance to help new minority franchise in purchasing existing outlets owned by the company or develops a new one

o    Full training provided and Taco Bell requires all the new franchisees to attend it brand immersion course where you are taught the rules of the trade, how to be a success story, manage well and make a good profit


o    Brand recognition

o    Business expansion

o    Already made clients

o    Economy stability

o    Great returns on investment

o    Quality training for you and the staff form the experts

o    Reliable food supply chain

For more information, visit their website at


Jan-Pro is a commercial cleaning service providing homeowners and workspaces relief. Jan-Pro has been in the cleaning business for over 25 years and has an in-depth knowledge of cleaning; products, service, and equipment to ensure each space are well-cleaned. Their services extend beyond the normal house and workspaces to health facilities like hospitals.

Franchise requirements

The requirements are an

o    An initial investment of $3,985 to 51, 605

o    Initial franchise fee of $2,520 to $44,000

Furthermore, the franchise needs a $1000 cash to open the systems, must be worth at least $50,000 and have a $5000 to open a location with the name Jan-Pro. This might look like another cleaning business, but with so many people lazing around, this might just be your one chance to make some clean cash with the over 10,090 outlets.


Jan-Pro will provide certificate program with no charge but may charge a fair fee for additional people attending the program. The program will equip the new franchise with all the knowledge they need to successfully run their new Jan-Pro business.

The duration for each franchise for a period of 10 years – franchises can also renew the agreement when they fulfill the entire requirement in the initial contract. With services in 8 countries and over 10,000 franchises, Jan-Pro is one booming cleaning business that can change the way you make money.

For more information and franchising details, please visit their website or call them on 866-355-1064

Property Management Incorporated

Everyone needs a home whether to buy or rent, we need a safe and secure place to live in. the property business in a big one, a huge opportunity to anyone will to work and be patient to reap the benefits of the industry. Property Management Inc was founded in 2008 and has rapidly grown to the best property management solution helping people with residential, commercial, association and vacation homes like none in the industry to get their dream homes or property.

Managing more than 230 franchise locations in over 40 states, in 2 territories; this business offers the best training technology and marketing solutions to franchisee t become a success.

The requirements for franchising with Property management is

o    A franchise fee of $15,000 to $45,000

o    An initial investment of $22,000 to $106, 800


o    Six weeks full hands-on training for all franchisees

o    A huge financial benefit with the exponential growth experienced by the company

o    Franchisees get technology, marketing, and back office support

For more information, visit or call at 801 -407 -1301.

Franchising is a booming industry worth over 2 trillion dollars alone in the United States and supporting nearly a million startups to success, and giving room for employment; it is the best way to start a business without beating yourself at it.

Franchising also prevents you from starting from scratch which is why most businesses fail; and rather than start to fail, franchising has created a loyal, trustworthy and profitable base for so many people.

The last advantage is that you are buying into a known brand meaning you can transfer your energy to other aspects that will prosper the business.

Author: Quentin Hollon

Enthusiastic self motivated and determined individual that has made it my life mission to excel and succeed in everything that comes my way even if I have to fail multiple times in order to do so. I have developed many great skills and wealth of useful knowledge that I want to share with the world of hard working people to help them get to the life they truly deserve. It is a passion of mine to educate and motivate in all areas of life. I love my beautiful wife and family, love to travel, read and challenge myself beyond normal measures. My goal is to leave an honorable legacy for my son and family, and change the life's of many through inspiration and education.

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