Invest in you: Your Most Valuable Asset: MVA

When we think about becoming rich or wealthy it is natural for us to think of money, or material things. Houses, cars, fancy watches and dinners, those things all come to mind without hesitation.

Some will talk about their 401k, their real estate portfolio, or their investment portfolio.

The above all can be measured in two categories. 1. Liabilities and 2. Assets. Those are the only two categories you can use for anything in life. Now both have pro and con columns to them. Let’s break them down in simple terms.

Asset- An asset is something that provides you money, or means to generate money.

Ex #1: Stock- pays you a dividend ( money back for for percentage of growth in a time period).

Ex #2: Rental Property- You own a home and someone pays you to live there. ( the house is the asset).

Liability- something that takes money away from you!

Ex #1: Your house payment

Ex #2: Your car payment

This is an expense you pay and it never pays you or makes you any money.

The key to true success is what you just did! Learn! For some of you who never knew the difference between asset and liability that information can change everything for you!

Now ask yourself this next question.

How much more is out there for me that I do not know that could change my life if I knew it?

Powerful question isn’t!?

People do not invest in themselves! But they will willing throw their hard earned money at a get rich quick scheme, or late night drive thru binge. Most people throw more money away on bad habits such as lottery, smoking, drinking, gambling or cable bill than it takes to start a website that generates over $1,000 a month passive income!

Did you know the average American spends over $1000 a month eating out! Americans as a whole spent nearly $53 billion dollars in eating out and going to bars compared to the $54 billion in groceries!

Think about that because you are part of Both numbers! Do you think you could successfully start and scale an online business with $12,000 if I gave it to you today?

The problem truly is most people do not want to work for it. They believe passive means no work. Well actually it means work up front. With the work up front you can create something that becomes an asset to you and produces money for you on a regular basis without any further effort or considerably less effort. Are your ready for the steps?

You have to invest in yourself first! You are your more valuable asset! The best part about investing in yourself is no one can take that away from you! No stock market crash, no poor real estate market, no natural disaster, poor political policy or bad investment. It forever belongs to you! You can use it, develop it, make it stronger and keep using it as an asset to produce more and more money forever!

Let’s use something some what simple as an example. Creating social media post that are engaging and capturing. Everyone is using social media and chances are you are too. Well good news business are going social and they need your help. Can you take online course from a college or digital marketing program and learn how to create these types of post for business and charge them. If you could, you could do this on your lunch break after class, after work, get up an hour early stay up an hour later. Once you became good at it and start building clients you will build a business and professional image all because you invested in yourself FIRST! Some businesses are paying others up to $5000 per month to build 3 ads a month for them! Once you learn this and become professional in this niche, you could write a book or teach a class or course and make money that way. See it’s not all passive, but has the potential to become passive.

The stocks are not passive. Sure you can buy and get lucky 10 to 15 years down the road if the company does well. But all great investors do lots of investing from within using no money. Things like market research, prior market history, company history, who is running the company what are their values and beliefs etc. They put the work in first, then they create their plan and watch for the perfect time them attack.

What people see is the success of others when it becomes flashy and captivating, not when these people are up at 3 am working or investing in themselves reading, studying before they go to their regular jobs. This is what it takes to get where you want to be!

You want the fast cars, the nice suits or dresses, the marble floors, private jet rides, the $500 dollar desserts, the legacy to leave your children and the world. Well my warriors you MUST INVEST IN YOURSELF AS YOUR MOST VALUABLE ASSET ! MVA

Pick up a book, ebook, magazine articles, podcast, edex course, online program, entrepreneur courses, YouTube, mentorship, apprenticeship.

Anything you can get your hands on!

Learn it! Invest in it! Take action on it!

I guarantee you that you will see change in your life!

Author: Quentin Hollon

Enthusiastic self motivated and determined individual that has made it my life mission to excel and succeed in everything that comes my way even if I have to fail multiple times in order to do so. I have developed many great skills and wealth of useful knowledge that I want to share with the world of hard working people to help them get to the life they truly deserve. It is a passion of mine to educate and motivate in all areas of life. I love my beautiful wife and family, love to travel, read and challenge myself beyond normal measures. My goal is to leave an honorable legacy for my son and family, and change the life's of many through inspiration and education.

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