How to start with no money

Becoming a passive wealth warrior is no easy task that is why you have to have a warrior mentality!

But just like a warrior who starts out weak and grows strong you have to have the right elements in place and use leverage and opportunity to your advantage.

You will need to sharpen your skills

Develop yourself and your image of yourself as a successful person

Learn effective communication skills and techniques

Just like a warrior must learn historic battle methods, weaponry, eat right ,train hard and rest. You to will have to learn passive income business models that are historically successful, learn “weaponry” the tools and techniques used to master the craft. You will have to train hard to become good in order to dominate the marketplace.

Yes it’s hard, and your thinking but it’s supposed to be passive. It will be but not up front. Be a warrior your here for a reason, something in side you is telling you, “you can do this!”.

No money down

No problem- there are several options for you to start making passive income with little to no money down or upfront. This does mean you will have to put more time and effort in but in my professional opinion that is best education you can receive. The education from.your marketplace is the most valuable asset you have next to your mind when creating passive wealth.

In this article we are going to talk about a few ways you can start generating some passive income and be on your way to becoming a passive wealth warrior! Let’s dive right in .

Starting a business with no money down may sound like a dream and a scam at the same time, right? Well let me tell you this many have been done before you and people even kids are still doing it. You must be creative and have ambition and drive to work at it. There is no need to reinvent the wheel or have some DNA changing product. You can use successful business models and duplicate the process for yourself to win.

For example, Macdonald’s is not the only place to sell cheeseburgers and fries. Other companies have successfully duplicated their business model and have became very profitable, even sharing the same exact customers because of one thing variety if value!

You can do the same thing with online business.

Here are some examples of business models you can start and duplicate with no money money down.

Affiliate marketing- sell other companies products or service, and you get a commission off of each sale. Digital sales person.

Products of Amazon, Walmart, Target etc.

Services from Google, Microsoft, At&t etc.

These are always free to sign up ( because they want you to sell for them). Then all you have to do is market them to the correct audience.

Well guess what ?

Facebook, Twitter, Quora, Instagram, Tumblr and so much more are free! Boom! Business started no money down. How cool was that?

Yes, you will have to work at it and invest in yourself to learn the skills but it is possible and people have made some serious dough as well.

How about social media management? Everything and everyone is practicing engagement on social media that is the era we all live in now and it is now more than ever before more important for small business to be online and engaging via social media networking in order to keep up with the giants.

With that being said how many local small businesses around you know how to write post, make Facebook ads or groups, have the time to engage with their customers answer questions ? They are so busy they think of this as a daunting task and just walk away from it all together and it could kill there business!

If your good at social media you could acquire them as a client and provide them social media management services for a monthly fee! I have seen these fees go up to $15,000 dollars a month for local chiropractors! Now obviously they really knew what they were doing and provided quality results to build that kind of reputation with their client in order for their client to pay big money. You could offer a free 30 days to show your self worthy of their business and then if they like your approach offer a contract for a monthly basis at $200-$500 as your services grow and skills grow charge more! Another no money down business!

Are you still sitting there doing nothing?

What are your skills? Talents? Hobbies?

Maybe your into fishing, during the fishing months offer up weekly fishing reports and have subscribers who pay you for the report $5 a month. Or become a guide and charge hourly, cut a deal with someone who has a boat become business partners. No money down and you get to fish and make money!!

There are all types of voids I the marketplace you have to be willing to get out of the noise visit the quiet and watch, listen to what people are really saying, what they really want. The marketplace will sing you the most beautiful song you ever heard, the sound of money, freedom, success. You have to be willing to listen then attack! That is how you become a passive wealth warrior!

Author: Quentin Hollon

Enthusiastic self motivated and determined individual that has made it my life mission to excel and succeed in everything that comes my way even if I have to fail multiple times in order to do so. I have developed many great skills and wealth of useful knowledge that I want to share with the world of hard working people to help them get to the life they truly deserve. It is a passion of mine to educate and motivate in all areas of life. I love my beautiful wife and family, love to travel, read and challenge myself beyond normal measures. My goal is to leave an honorable legacy for my son and family, and change the life's of many through inspiration and education.

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