Top Paying Affiliate Programs

So you have decided that you want to become an affiliate marketer and have done all the research, seen all the cool Youtube videos boasting screen shots of their huge commision checks and lavious lifestyles. Now your pumped and ready to go. Well let me tell you that this is not a one click and done kind of business. You will have to put in some hard work up front to reap the lasting rewards of affiliate marketing, but it has been done over and over by thousands of people just like you in their spare time. Some even have quit their day jobs to do this still with part time hours and enjoy traveling the world in style and comfort. They have became Passive Wealth Warriors and you can too!


Below are some of the top Paying affiliate programs that you should sign up for to earn Great commisions on for promoting to your audience. These networks and companies each have their differences and upsides but never the less you should use their leverage to your advantage and start your affiliate marketing business today, be on you way to the Passive Wealth Warrior lifestyle!

  1. Shopify– Hands down in my opion and opinion of many successful entrepreneurs the leader and dominator of the E-commerce world. Shopify is a E-commerce platform where any average person with no skills or limited skills can sign up and sell literally anything using the drop shipping platfrom. Shopify has many amazing features within their platform that allow the users to scale and automate their business and develop a virtual passive income stream. If you have not started an E-commerce store by now you have no clue what your missing. You can even blog on Shopify and sell products relative to your niche blogging topic!

Now  as an affiliate just like any other affiliate program your goal is to have individuals interested in shopify as a business to sign up. Shopify is such an amazing company and for the relative low cost with the right targeting on your behalf the conversan rates can be very benifical. Up to 1 in 6 in highly targeted audiences. They have one of the best affiliate commisions today for service based affiliate programs, due to the fact that once people sign up and enjoy selling their products and making great money they tend to stay. That is more passive income in your pocket!

With shopify affiliate program you can earn up to 200% commisions based on the subscription your referral signs up for!  You can earn up to $2000 per referral! If this doesnt get you pumped up, I dont know what will.

Start promoting shopify Today

2. ClickFunnels– Hands down one of my personal favorite affiliate programs on the planet. Let me tell you why. It is fun! Simply that reason alone keeps me a click funnels customer. The sheer volume of content and resources they make available to their affiliates is unbelievable. Russel Brunson and the ClickFunnels team have dominated the this space and show no signs of slowing up anytime soon.

ClickFunnels is a all inclusive platform that allows you or any business the ability to create custom sales funnels, email marketing, sales copy, landing pages, leadpages, and so much more all in one place for one monthly price at a value no one can beat! Every business, blogger, startup should have an ClickFunnels account there are even millionaire kids thanks to the ease of the ClickFunnels platfrom. Russell takes a personal approach and has an upbeat motivating persona about him that drives you to success, regardless of where your skill level starts at. They have a 14 day free trial and most people make money in that 14 days which can cover the cost of your next month! ClickFunnels is a must for Affiliate Marketers.  Go sign up for your 14 day free trial!

As an affiliate marketer for ClickFunnels there are so many numerous options for commisions everything from $7 commisions to  $1987 and even your dream car! Russell Brunson on behalf of ClickFunnels will give you up to $1000 a month for the purchase or lease of your dream car! How many companies do you work for do that? None!

ClickFunnels and there variety of affiliate products to promote are almost overwhelming yet it gives you plenty of choices and opportnity to figure out what works for you and your target audience. They have free training and webinar classes available. They right the ads for you, create the banners, sales copy everything. All you have to do is put it in your funnel and run traffic to it and get paid!! Sign up to become a ClickFunnels account here thru my link for a Free 14 Day Trial and challenge yourself to make money before 14 days is up. If you dont pause or cancel your subscription and pay nothing you have nothing to loose here. You will love ClickFunnels.


If you want to Join the Affiliate Bootcamp sign up here. It is a 100 day challenge. Russell claims if you follow his step by step process for 100 days you will be able to retire! He has helped 100’s of people do this! Why not you!



The print on demand space has exploded in the last 3 years and millionaires have seemed to be created over the weekend. PRINTFUL gives is users the ability to do just that with great product options. PRINTFUL is an online printing and fullfilment all in one place! They offer you the ability to print on products such as posters, t-shirts, coffee cups and more from one easy location, your computer!! You can even connect it to your shopify store and automate your fulifillment!


For setting up new customers to become clients of PRINTFUL you can earn 10% of their fulilment price! They will even pay you up to 9 months commisions per customer!

Sign up to start making money with PRINTFUL here!


4. This company sells premium domains to business owners that will be vital to brand awareness, traffic and sales.  Every online business must have a Domain, so having a catchy and effective domain is very crucial to the success of online business. This is good for you as an affiliate because it is a high demand product eveyone online must have. To sign up for the affiliate program you will need to join the Impact Radius network. Currently they are offering commisions up to $175 per sale and a 45 day cookie. This means even if it takes someone 45 days to purchase through your link you still receive the commisions! Let your link work for your audience needing a Domain here. Join the Impact Radius Network.

5.  Amazon Associates- Everyone knows who and what Amazon is and does. They sell millions of products to billions of customers all over the world and they are dominating the online marketplace. This is a very wealthy opportunity for you as an associate or affiliate for Amazon. While their commision structures are not the biggest they can add up over time and rather quickly if you have done the research and promote the latest products to the right audience. For example, when hooverboards first hit the market place they were very expensive but that did not stop the marketplace for demanding them a simple link to the best hooverboard on amazon ran on facebook provided millions in affiliate commisions. Same example of the fidget spinner explosion.


With products in every category and everyone that visits is prepared to purchase you have great odds in your favor as an affiiate for such a great company that offers one click purchasing, automatic upsells, and PRIME! You can start a product review blog, a Youtube channel, or just talk about them live on Facebook. Sign up to become an Amazon Associate today!

6. WP Engine-  WP engine provides hosting services for literally 100 of thousands of WordPress websites. Every website needs hosting, for people looking to use the ease of the WordPress plaform, they will want to host with WP Engine most likely. This Affiliate program pays very well for this space; you can receive up to $200 or 100%  of your referrals first payment. They step out here and even allow you to become what is called a subaffiliate and earn when those people sign up other users!


7. Maxbounty- I personally use Maxbounty as one of my affiliate network platforms. They are fairly new to the arena in retrospec for the affiliate marketing space, but they have proven to be innovative and that they are here to stay. They have a large variety of programs, products and services in all areas dieting, health and fitness, debt relief, business opportunities and more.


There is something you can promote to everyone on one platform. They have some tools that will help you out as a beginner as well. They provide default default landing pages and some content for your use. The sign up is fairly painless, although you will have to speak over the phone or skype with your assigned affiliate manager to become accepted, but don’t let this stop you. Sign up for a Maxbounty Affiliate account today here for free and start earning great affiilate commisions on thousands of great produts.


8. Click Bank- Is very popular affiliate network widely used by beginner and professsional affiliate marketers. They team up with very popular companies and well known brand that need more traffic to there products or services. That is where you come in as an affiliate. They have products ranging from health and beauty all the way to vacation and digital services. The digital products are often being needed more than others pay greater commisions up to 75 % on Click Bank’s network. You can join ClickBank today and start earning Commsions to develop your passive income stream!

9. National Debt Relief_ This company is a Better Business Bureau accredited Buisiness that offers debt consolidation services to anyone that has $10,000 of unsecured credit card debt or more, that lives in a qualifing state. They pay in 2 different ways, the first is you will get paid for every qualified lead you send them. Pay out for a qualified lead is $27.50. The second is $41 for every qualified phone call. Just think about it if you could send 100 qualified people to National Debt Relief you would make $2750! That would motivate me to promote. Sign up here .


10. Six Figure Mentor- Is a plaform that allows entreprenuers the opportunity and access to products and services of learning the affiliate business model. They have partnered up leading course creators and e-learning platforms to mentor to their members and provide world class and extensive mentorship online. As an affiliate for Six Figure Mentor you have sales funnels, automated follow up and retargeting campaigns, custom tracking software and sales reporting abilities all at your disposal.  Six Fire Mentor has help 1,000 of individuals just like yourself earn 6 figure passive income through their membership program, while results may vary on many different things you too can do this. They have a simple commision plan; $20 paid on on Introductory sales and $200 on Essential Sales. They also pay $20/month on active membership subscriptions.  Head over and check out the Six Figure Mentor program.


This should get you kicked off on your journey as an affiliate marketer on some of the best affiliate marketing networks available today. To become a super affiliate you must learn the proper techniques and strategies to draw the right traffic and audience to your offers. Once you develop these skills, review you analyitics or data you can scale for massive profits. Some of these commisions mentioned here may not sound like much one at a time but when you think of the overall customer base and wealth of people on the internet they can really add up quickly with the right stragety or sales funnel.

I would advocate Signing up for a ClickFunnels account as you begin because no matter what product or network you join all of them can be promoted through sales funnel from ClickFunnels. They have all the resources and tool available in one place for beginners with built in affiliate products you can sell today with no money or experience up front, that cant be beat. Sign up here using my link for a free 14 day free trial and start earning your Passive Wealth Warrior Income!

Here is a Free webinar link for ClickFunnels So you Can See how amazing it really is!


Author: Quentin Hollon

Enthusiastic self motivated and determined individual that has made it my life mission to excel and succeed in everything that comes my way even if I have to fail multiple times in order to do so. I have developed many great skills and wealth of useful knowledge that I want to share with the world of hard working people to help them get to the life they truly deserve. It is a passion of mine to educate and motivate in all areas of life. I love my beautiful wife and family, love to travel, read and challenge myself beyond normal measures. My goal is to leave an honorable legacy for my son and family, and change the life's of many through inspiration and education.

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